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Dongfeng GETRAG Transmission Co., Ltd. Overview
      On October 22nd 2012, Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited and GETRAG Corporate Group signed the Joint Venture Contract and Low Torque Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) Joint Development Agreement and decided to jointly establish an integrated Joint Venture with the function of vehicle transmission research and development, manufacturing and sell.

      On March 13th 2013, Dongfeng Getrag Transmission Co., Ltd. Has incorporated officially in Wuhan. The shareholders of the Joint Venture are Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited and GETRAG Corporate Group respectively with the share ration is 50% : 50%, and the registered capital is 40 million Euro. Phase Ⅰ total investment is 120 million Euro and will build a 250 thousand transmission capacity and a R&D center. The main product is DCT Dual Clutch Transmission.

      Dongfeng Getrag Transmission Co., Ltd. Located at block No.58 Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, which belongs to the core manufacturing park in the development area with convenient transportation and complete infrastructure. The plant started to construct on October 23rd 2013. The first product is 6DCT150 which will realize the SOP in the first quarter of 2016 and launch to the market officially. This product meets the requirement of the nation’s laws and regulations on passenger cars in terms of environmental protection, energy conservation and law carbon emission. It is the first development production globally and both parties jointly own the The current product portfolio of the company is 6DCT150 and 6DCT200. In the future, the company will build the capacity with 1 million transmissions and an independent transmission research and development center.